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Let me share a bit about me and Make Music Your Own. I’m a violinist based in NYC, originally from Bulgaria. I'm also a musician's coach and I'm deeply passionate about helping musicians build a fearless artistic voice and bring all of their awesome selves into what they do.

Make Music Your Own is here for both YOU and ME to help us challenge, inspire, provoke, motivate, dream, empower, and navigate through this incredible rollercoaster that is the life of an artist!

📝 On to some Quick Fun Facts about me:

Favorite food —> Banitza - a traditional Bulgarian dish (think quiche, but with fillo dough)

Favorite movies/directors —> Most of Wes Anderson's movies, Indiana Jones series, Back to the Future series

Favorite TV shows —> Seinfeld, Fleabag and High Maintenance

Favorite book/authors —> The Great Gatsby; Roberto Bolaño, James Salter

Favorite sport to watch/play —> Soccer/tennis

Favorite quote —> “Happiness, like unhappiness, is a proactive choice.” - Stephen Covey

If I were not a musician I’d be —> An Interior or Graphic Designer

Random Fact/TMI —> As a kid for about few months I identified as Infanta Margarita Teresa (yes, the Holy Roman Empress, whom I'd seen in Velázquez's paintings) and signed all my school work with that name, which got me expelled from a class.

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