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How is your Emotional GPS working lately?

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

You have GOT to come and check out Autumn in Brooklyn!

The colors, the brownstones, the lanterns - It’s just magical!

Here are some pics:

This time of year always feels a bit melancholy and calm, but this year it’s making me feel particularly slow (thanks, 2020!) I find myself sleeping a bit more, getting a few less items checked on the to-do list, etc. You know comes next right?

The *guilty voice*. 

“I should be practicing more. I should be getting much more done in the day. I should be much farther ahead by now.“

I know it’s been an incredibly long 7 pandemic months (or is it years?). And you’re probably feeling it too.

Your body and soul want to hibernate, retreat and get some peace and quiet...yet your *guilty voice* (a.k.a. your mind) are constantly reminding you of all the things you should’ve done, haven’t done and should be doing more of.

And now the dilemma - do you listen to the guilty voice or do you follow your instinct to take it slow.  Is that other voice even your instinct or are you trying to make an excuse?

How can you tell the differnece?

Here’s what I found out after much trial and error -  the only way to tell which voice to follow is to find the source of your voice.

Is the voice coming from a place of fear (of failure), panic, scarcity? Or is it coming from a place of joy, love, and purpose? 

Does listening to this voice makes me shrivel up or light up?

The voice coming from a place of joy and love will always have your back. Each time you trust that voice and let it guide you, whether it is to rest more, do less, or to think more and talk less, you strengthen what I call your Emotional GPS.

With time you’ll learn to recognize that voice and trust it even more, and consequently you’ll learn that taking detours (even big ones) is sometimes an essential part of the journey. These detours will take you places where you’d normally never let yourself go to. They also help you see the bigger picture, what’s truly important.

So as I’m reconciling with my hibernation mode, I trust my voice and I trust that this current detour is a necessary time of observation, reflection and cultivation. 

I do hear the panicked guilty voice, but I give it a lollipop and let it calm down. (#ParentingSkillz)

Wherever your detours are taking you, go with them and trust that your emotional GPS will take you where you need to go.

I’d love to hear from you - have you ever found yourself torn between your guilty voice and your instinct?

How did you know which voice to follow?

Hit "Reply" and let me know.

Hope this week you get to take time for yourself, slow down, and tune out any voices that don’t serve you.

In the meantime I‘ll leave you with this quote!



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